Monday, 26 January 2015

Virgin America

Virgin America

As the airline of the United States. American Airlines began service, August 8, 2007 targets. Low price but high quality,good service, And service to the East and West.

Virgin America that brainchild of British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, airlines, the United States, according to law, no more than 25% Airlines United States might have. The international attention and have to depend on the "real" of the U.S.A pair of shares owned 75% left 25% company is the pure, which also permits the Virgin brand with the airline.

westjet airlines

westjet airlines airlines of Canada. It began as a low-cost airline that provides scheduled and charter air services 91 destinations in Canada, the United States, Europe, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, established in 1996, it is the second largest in Canada after Air Canada Air flight 425 average work, and carrying more than 45, 000 people per day in the year 2013. Westjet 18.5 million people. It is the largest airline in North America by the passengers.


Alaska Airlines is an airline based in the Seattle suburb of SeaTac, Washington, the first service to airlines, Alaska in 2487, but the airline to return Maggie Airways. Hayes in 2475. now offers more than 100 locations on the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska Airlines has more passengers between Alaska and the United States over all. Airlines as the carrier is a major seventh largest US airline in passenger traffic. Alaska currently operating at its largest hub at the airport, Seattle Seahawks - Tacoma Airlines Alaska 'sister carrier Horizon Air closely in the integration of. Alaska, Alaska and Horizon together in several directions. Airlines, both owned by Alaska Air Group in 2014, J. D. Power and Associates ranked Airlines Alaska highest in customer satisfaction, airline traditional consecutive. seventh year . ( )


Southwest Airlines  (NYSE: LUV) is a branch of the United States airline and airline save the world's largest, headquarters is located in Dallas,Texas Airlines was founded in 1967 and use the current name in 1971 airlines, almost 46 000 employees at the end of December 2014 and work, more 3 400 flights per day. when  5 June 2011 it is the largest in the country. The passengers of US Airways which as of November, 2014 Southwest Airlines is scheduled to provide 93 places in 41 states, Puerto Rico And abroad. ( )